Dog Running – This service involves pacing your pup through a vigorous 1-hour running adventure. Like all good pacers, we make sure the dogs get water and rest breaks when appropriate. The distance is usually 4 to 7 miles, depending on the fitness level or your dog and the current weather conditions.  If a new dog can’t initially run for a full hour, we break up the session with periods of walking and slowly build up their endurance. A run recap with statistics is provided to the owner after each workout. (no running slots available at this time)

Running Rate: $32 per session (purchased in packages of 6, 8 or 10). Extra dog +$8

Dog Walking – Have a trained walker that possesses proper loose leash walking skills be handling and teaching your dog on walks . Here we ease up the pace and take your pup on a purposeful stroll around the neighborhood for 25 minutes. During the outing they enjoy fresh air, sunshine hopefully, bathroom breaks and sniffing out their territory.

Walking Rate: $18 per outing, extra dog +$3

Training – David is a professional trainer and certified graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy who believes in positive reinforcement training methods. He is experienced in teaching group classes as well as private, in-home training.  David will make it fun for your dog to learn basic obedience skills such as sit, stay, recall, down, leave it, and loose leash walking. He can also help with problem behaviors including jumping, barking, digging and pulling on leash. His special focus is on leash reactivity and dog/dog aggression cases – David has coached many frustrated owners to help better manage and heal their reactive dog. A custom plan will be created so you will reach your training goals, resolve problem issues and attain a less stressful, more enjoyable relationship with your dog.

60 minute private training session: $90

4-pack of 60 minute private training sessions: $320

Belly Rubs – Free

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